Manufacturing Safety and Security

Manufacturing Safety and Security

Keep your plant safe and secure, monitor manufacturing processes and optimize business efficiencies with the help of Avigilon’s video security and access control solutions.


Secure Access

Manage staff and visitor access to the plant and restricted areas using the Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM) system. Unified with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software, ACM™ allows you to detect someone at an access control point and quickly verify the situation with live camera views.


Powerful Search

Sort through hours of video in minutes with Avigilon Appearance Search™ technology for a person by physical descriptions or for a vehicle by color or vehicle sub-type. Use playback, bookmark and export tools to compile a robust video narrative of events for forensic investigations and improve incident response times.


See What You’ve Been Missing

Powered by AI, Unusual Activity Detection continuously learns what typical activity in a scene looks like and then detects and flags unusual speed and location of people and vehicles, enabling you to quickly identify atypical events.


Easy Integration and Cost Savings

Avigilon cameras and ACC™ software easily integrate with third-party ONVIF® compliant cameras and video management software to provide you cost savings and the ability to leverage existing infrastructure.


Gain Insight on Production Quality

Remotely look into manufacturing processes to audit production quality or investigate a liability claim using body-worn cameras, which seamlessly connects to ACC software for greater situational awareness.


Reliable, Private Broadband Performance

Commercial broadband and Wi-Fi often struggle to meet the demands of business and video security operations due to limited range and lower capacity. Nitro provides a stable and private network without compromising on data privacy or performance for large or remote manufacturing sites.

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Manage access in and around the plant by using a role-based system. Unification with ACC software allows you to incorporate video evidence to verify access control alarms and inform responses.
Enhances the way security professionals manage and interact with high-definition video
Leverage cameras with edge-based intelligence to enhance visibility on manufacturing processes and capture critical events around security and staff safety across your plant.
Cost-effective 360° coverage and no blind spots from a single vantage point
Body-worn cameras implemented alongside fixed video deployments can provide greater context to protect staff and improve manufacturing processes.
Nitro provides the secure backhaul that your plant's increasing voice and data pressures demand, enabling your team to stay connected and informed from virtually any location.
Security personnel can acknowledge alarms from ACC software directly from their radios and quickly investigate, without needing to continuously monitor activity on a computer screen.