High Definition Stream Management

Maximum image detail, minimum bandwidth

Unlike other systems, ours sends you only the portion of the image you need. That means you get incredible image quality and resolution with only a tiny amount of bandwidth and storage.

The fastest way to find

Because HDSM manages the storage of data so intelligently, you can search through vast amounts of HD footage in just seconds. Welcome to the industry’s quickest and most powerful high-definition video search.

Go on, add another one

HDSM keeps file sizes small, so you can add an unlimited number of cameras while keeping bandwidth and hardware needs low. Using less data and less bandwidth means you can scale up while keeping costs down, with minimal impact on network resources.

Get way more megapixels

HDSM is all about intelligently managing bandwidth and storage, which means that you never have to worry about adding more megapixels. Available in all Avigilon’s cameras, from 1 MP to 30 MP (7K).

Get out there

Get high megapixel images and incredible resolution even on low bandwidth connections using ACC Mobile on Apple and Android devices. View live and recorded HD footage from any location and shorten response times even when you're out in the field.

Never miss a thing

Free yourself from latency issues. HDSM keeps you live, in the moment, up to date. It means you don’t miss a thing and means your team can respond in the blink of an eye.